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Major-General Sir Sam Steele the famous Mountie of the North West Mounted Police



     Major-General Sir Samuel Benfield Steele, the famous Mountie of the North West Mounted Police (N.W.M.P.). Sam Steel joined the local militia in his teen years and fought at the Battle of Ridgeway. He was sent to the western part of Canada before the Battel of Ridgeway to fight the Red River Rebellion of Louis Riel, but he arrived to late. The Metis had already given up. Sam Steele was interested in the First Nations people, and spent his time in the western part of Canada learning from the Natives and the Metis. But he was sent from Manitoba to Fort Henry in Kingston for the a few years.

                  He was one of the first members of the N.W.M.P., only a low third officer sworn himself in. In 1873 he went back to Fort Gary with the new N.W.M.P. and was put in charge of training the new members. But over a few years after he traviled over the prairiesmany times, before being sent to N.W.M.P. headquarters (H.Q.) to train new men.

                    In 1881 Sam Steele was going to meet with Sitting Bull just returnning from defeating General Custer and had moved to Canada and were demanding land for themselfes. Sam Steele and a few other troops met them and decided on a peaceful agreement. This agreement brought Sam Steele great fame an a picture in all the newspapers in the U.S. and started his role as a public hero.

                         During the Northwest Rebellion,  Sam Steele was sent off with a small force to try and put an end to the rebelion which caused him to miss the Battle of Batoche, Sam and his troops were sent to stop the last rebels commanded by Chief Big Bear. Sam defeated Big Bear's men with his two dozen Mounties in the last battle ever to be fought on Canadian land.
         The things the N.W.M.P. did to help end the rebellion was ignored and unrewarded, And that made Sam Steele upset.
         Sir Sam Steele was sent to Fort McLeod and spent ten years there. When he was 41 years old he married Maria Harwood, over time they had three children. In 1895 he was assigned a mission in the Yukon up north to uphold the law in the people taking part in the Klondike Gold Rush. That put Sir Sam Steele and his troops into the history books.

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