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Charles Tupper
Sam Steele
James Douglas
Robert Baldwin
Hugh Allan
Gold Rush
Sir John A. Macdonald
1st Railway

Bibilography & Thank Yous

To all those out there who helped. I Thank You

         I couldn't have done this without help so I not only make this page the bibliography it's also a page of dedication and thanks to all of those who helped out. And these are the people and thing that all played a pert in helping me get this done (In no order):


    -The people on msn who threatens me to do my homework when I don’t want to.


    -John-Allan for showing me how to make a website and helping me make conclusion paragraphs when I don't have enough words.


    -My girl friend Erin for helping me do my homework when I'm over there and she knows I need to get it done so she takes time out of her life to help me finish on time.


    -Nick Tripple for and his curling for having to cancel band practices and giving me more time to finish my project.


    -Steve Joyce for giving me so many opportunities to do this instead of whatever we're suppose to be doing


    -Tribesty for convincing me to start going to the library and work on my project during school.


    -My trusty Walkman for not skipping and helping keep distracting sounds out of my head

And now for the websites (Also in no order):

If you have any question about this website feel free to ask yourself quitly. then try and answer those questions.
If you have any complants about this website keep them to yourself.
If you think this is a great website and only God could make a better site....well then, good for you...or more correctly, good for me.
If you can find any spelling mastakes in the wedsite, well good for you.

This page proves that even the little people matter