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Major-General Sir Isaac Brock

Major-General of the War Of 1812



         Sir Isaac Brock was born on the Channel Island of Guernsey in 1769. Sense he wasn't born in the century that this site is about and he didn't really do anything till the 19th century I'll just skip ahead a bit. British Major-General Sir Isaac Brock led the Canadian army into combat during the war of 1812, and played a good role of defence in the beginning of the war.

         Also in the beginning of the war Brock and Tecumseh the Native American chief, won many battles against those damned Yankees. Brock and Tecumseh agreed to stay allied with the Canadians and Brock also had a fairly food relationship with Tecumseh is he had less to worry about.

         General Brock was very good at commanding and his impressive, bloodless, capture of Fort Detroit backs that up. Brock told the Native warriors to be really noisy and scare the American General William Hull. The Natives did make noise and the American General did get scared and he surrendered with an army five times the size of Brock's.

         Brock was a great commander and would have the war of 1812 a lot faster if he had end been killed in battle at the Battle of Queenston Heights on October 13, 1812.

         Brock was a great commander and mad it into the history books but sadly Sir Isaac Brock missed Canada’s greatest moment of pride, the burning of the white house. Even thought he missed it if he was alive the white house would have probably stayed standing and the Americans would stop pretending they didn’t know anything about that war. But Brock’s Canadian pride moment was probably when he bloodlessly captured one of the Americans forts. To the great Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, I solute thee.

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