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Robert Baldwin


         Robert Baldwin was born on May 12, 1804 in York [Toronto], Upper Canada. There was no immigration for this man. Robert Baldwin was the son of William Warren Baldwin, a strong promoter of the idea that the government should be responsible for everything. Sense Robert Baldwin was William Baldwin's son he decided to fallow in his fathers footsteps and also support the idea of responsible government.


         Robert Baldwin was first elected to assembly to present his father's idea in 1829. Robert was a shy man and he was devoted to his family, because he was shy he probly didn't do a great job presenting his father's idea, but sense he was devoted to his family he didn't give up. But Robert was thrown into shock from the death of his wife in 1836 and the impact from that left him completely neutral for years, he was completely emotionless during the Rebellions in 1837.


        Even though he was completely neutral he didn't give up and in 1837 Robert and his father William got the chance to meet Lord Durham to out line their idea for responsible government. Robert and William’s idea was spreading throughout Canada and when Canada was fully created in 1841 reformers rallied around the Baldwin’s. Robert was able to form an alliance with Louis Lafontian, which was the leader of the French speaking reformers of the eastern part of Canada mainly Quebec.


        Louis Lafontian and Robert became the co-premiers of Canada in 1842 and 1843 and then again from 1848 to 1851. When he was co-premier in the 1848-1851 periods Louis and Robert finally was the Baldwin's idea taking effect and the responsible government started taking its place. Also during these years he also achieved other thing like funding Toronto and planning a system of local government.


        Robert Baldwin was a reluctant leader who served out of a good sense of duty. In his later years Robert decided that he's had enough of politics and he was also tormented by grief he ended his carrier and retired in 1851 to Ontario. Robert Baldwin died on December 9th in 1858.

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