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Sir James Douglas

 First Governer of B.C.



         Sir James Douglas was born on August 15, 1803. James Douglas was a great fur trader in the British Columbia region and Birtish Coloumbia's first colonial governor. When James Douglas was in the fur trading bissness he was known as The Scotch West Indian, he was called this because his mother was a Western Indian and his father was from Scotland.
         In 1819 when James Douglas was only sixteen years old he went looking for work and ended up joining the North West Company. James worked there for about two years then the North West Company was bought out and turned into a Hudson Bay's Company around 1821, James didn't lose his job at Hudson Bay's Company (HBC), in fact he was the clerk at HBC. James Douglas was trading furs for HBC and on one of his missions to trade fur in the Birtish Columbia region around 1828 in Fort St. James  he gets married to the Metis daughter of the Chief Factor William Connolly, Amelia Connolly.
        In the later 1830s James Douglas was posted to Fort Vancover, witch was HBC's largest location and the main Head Quarters (HQ). In the early 1840s the Oregon territory neer Fort Vancover was captured by the Americans and HBC where worryed and relocated Sir James and many other employes to Fort Victoria in 1843, which was mush safer then Fort Vancover. Wile in Fort Victoria James was sent to the chief factor's bacause he controled the companys that trade over the Pacific Ocean. By 1849 the trubble neer Fort Vancover had not ended so then the HBC relocated it's main HQ from Fort Vancover to Fort Victoria, also that same year Vancover Island was made a crown colony. In 1851, two years later, Vancover Island needed a governer and Sir James Douglas becomes Vancover Islands first colony governor but still worked at HBC but now as a chief factor.
            Sir James Douglas ruled Vancover Island wiht a greatly and was very strict.beacuse of how he ruled he was nick named Old Squaretoes. Sir James was strict but he was also very good at his job, for example, in 1858 when the Feaser Gold Rush started Sir James took quick steps that established British authority. He quickly built more hotels and ect. for the coming miners, parlament where so impressed with this that when B.C. was formed that same year he was apointed the governer of the mainland colony. Sence Sir James now had all of B.C. he decided that there needed to be two govnorships for both B.C. and Vancover Island because he  found that he had his hands full with Vancover Island alone.
           Over many years of governing B.C. when  he resigned in 1864 he left a huge imprint in Birtish Colimbia history. Sir James Douglas founded the first towns in Pacific Canada and Victoria. When Sir James retired he moved to Victoria and decided to live there for the rest of his days, and so he did. Sir James Douglas died on August 2, 1877 at 74 years old in Victoria B.C.

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