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1st Railway
Sir Hugh Allan


            Sir Hugh Allan was born on Sept 29th, 1810 in Saltcoat, Scotland. He and his whole family had immigrated to Canada, Montréal when he was only 16 years of age. When he got to Canada his relatives helped him get to work.


            When the 1850's started Sir Hugh Allan started a shipping company in Montréal all over Canada, he started it with the money he got from Scotland. In 1856 his shipping company was able to start carrying mail from all over Canada, across the Atlantic Ocean, over to Mother Countries even though the people in Canada considered themselves as Canadians. But Over the years Hugh Allan quickly caught on to technology and his company where using Steam engines instead of sails on boats and ships and screw propellers instead of paddle steering wheels. Hugh Allan's shipping company was a huge, great success.


            Hugh Allan's company was so popular that almost every one in Canada knew the names of his ships, if you where to go back to that time and ask they could probly name the Sardinian, the Sormation, and the Hungarian right away. In fact Hugh Allan's company was so successful that he started to invest in railways. Hugh Allan wanted to build Canada's first railway.


            In the 1872 elections Canada's current and first Prime Minister John A. Macdonald ran out of money because he was supporting Canada's first railway, so Hugh Allan gave Macdonald $360000 dollars and Macdonald promised him the contract to build Canada's first railway when he won, if he won. John Macdonald won the election and gave the contract to Allan, but Macdonald's opponents found out about this deal and the Pacific Scandal started, Macdonald was forced to resin from parliament and Hugh Allan lost the contract to build the railway.


           Hugh Allan was a little upset from all of the things that happened about the Pacific Scandal, but he had so many other financial interests going on at the time he was able to ride out the political storms and get back on track. He had so many other financial networks that they had included the Montréal Telegraph Company and the Merchants First Bank of Canada. Sir Hugh Allan was proudly the richest living man in Montréal.


           Sir Hugh Allan lived in a huge monster of a house on the slopes of Mount Royal just outside on Montréal. Sir Hugh Allan had even named his house and he called it Ravenscrag. Sir Hugh Allan lived for many years in Montréal, and a great amount of his money he had came from the cities finances. Sir Hugh Allan died on December 9th, 1882 in Edinburgh, Scotland.


         Sir Hugh Allan was all in all a great and extraordinary man. Many people were fond of him as he was good hearted. Though sometime strickt, he was overall a good person. Who accomplished many things. Includling giving John A. Macdonald $360,00 to use towards construction upon the CPR. A generous and prosperous man indeed. This is what got Sir Hugh Allan into the history books to be remembered forever.

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