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Sir Charles Tupper

Pro-Maritime Union and Pro-Confederation



                  Sir Charles Tupper was born in Amherst, Nova Scotia July 2, 1821. His fellow Fathers of Confederation Edward Barron Chandler and R.B. Dickey where from the same hometown as Tupper. He had gotten an early education in Wolfeville and earned his medical degree at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Tupper opened up a practice in Nova Scotia in 1843. Though out 1867 to 1870 he became the first president of the Canadian Medical Association.

                 Charles Tupper was elected to the Nova Scotia Assembly as a Conservative in 1855. In his election he was surprising because he was running against the experienced and popular leader of the Reform party of Nova Scotia. Between 1857 and 1860 Tupper was given the position of Provincial Secretary and was made a judge in 1863 till 1867.

                Tupper always supported either Maritime Union or the union of British North American colonies. At the Charlottetown Conference he had difficulty in making the idea of Confederation popular in his home province even though he was Nova Scotia's chief delegate.

               For his patriotism and political accomplishments Tupper was knighted in 1879. In 1896 for a ten-week period he was Canada’s sixth Prime Minister before being forced to resign. Being one of the last of the Fathers of Confederation, Sir Charles Tupper died in England at the age of 94 in England October 30th, 1915

              Sir Charles Tupper was a great man and without his help Canada might not be what it is like today, this man’s political achievements will stay in the history books for a good long time.

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