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The War Of 1812

The Pride Time When Canadians Burned Down The White House.


         The War of 1812 is one of Canada’s greatest moments; it was fought between the Canadians and the American. Sense the Americans lost this war they pretend that it never happened because the Americans had greatly outnumbered us in troops and they knew it. The Americans original plan was to seize Montreal and cut the support between Upper and Lower Canada therefore taking the war, but this plan was stop by the Canadian’s Native allies.

         Even though Canada was greatly out numbered in troops we where more prepared for war so we kicked their buts! In 1812 on July 17, thanks to Sir Isaac Brock Canadians bloodlessly capture the U.S. key posts at Michilimackinac I, Lake Huron, and Detroit. After this move the Americans thought it was a mere matter if matching that would win the battle. But instead of the Americans capturing any Canadian anything we took the Battle of Queenston Heights at the cost of our General Sir Isaac Brock.

         After the battle of Queenston Heights the American troops started to fear the Canadians and refused to cross into Canadian territory. So the Americans decide to stay in their own country and on January 22. 1813 they try to retake Detroit but fail. While the Americans are busy with Detroit Canadian troops take Frenchtown. Which cause the Americans to be in even more fear of the Canadians and abandon all future plans of invasion for the winter. The only Americans in Canada at this time are prisoners.

         Canada then decides to act defensively and allow the Americans to attack. The Americans are determined to seize Kingston and cut the support between the two Canadas. But this plan is near imposable so instead they go to York [Toronto] and steal all the valuable supplies and practly burn it to the ground. When the Canadians return to York and see the damage they march into America and burn the Great War ship they where building and before it was even finished.

         The burning of York is just the start of the Americans time of good luck. The Americans manage to take Niagara peninsula, Stony Creek, and Beaver Dams. The Americans luck doesn’t last for long as the Canadians decide that the Americans have done enough damage and we push them back into their own country but Niagara peninsula remained no-mans-land.

         At the Beginning of December the American prisoners in Canada are set free and start their way back to America but on their way they burn the town of Nework. Because the Canadians gave the Americans an early Christmas present by letting their men free the Americans respond by burning down another city, so we push those mean Americans back all the way to Washington and burn all of Washington to the ground starting with the White house.


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