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The History of Lacrosse


Canada's National and Native Sport



         Lacrosse was played for many many years by the natives Canadians, it was originally used to help build bravery in the young warriors to help train for battles and war if it ever came upon them. But the first non violent game of lacrosse was played in Montréal in 1842. But the game still did not have rules at that time.


         The lacrosse rules that we play with still even today where made by George Beers in the year 1860. Each team had about twenty people on each side instead of one hundred to a thousand players. And the fields where made much smaller then the native five hundred yards to a half mile apart. The goals where changed to having to throw the ball through the posts instead of hitting a rock or tree. The bat also called the Crosse, was a small type of racket. He changed it enough so each game would last from an hour to two hours instead of sunup to sundown for about three days. Unlike the native way the sport is played George let the players use cloths instead of just loincloths and deer skin shoes.  The game was kept a lot like the original game played by the natives to keep up the point of the game and help build bravery in young people not just warriors.


         After the rules where made so many people caught on so quick to the game that, that same year the rules where made it was also named Canada's National game. By the mid 1880's lacrosse was the single most popular sport played all over Canada.

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